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Website Proposal: A Customer-Centric Experience

Diego Ortuno Rosales

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Table of Contents

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Let's look at the Disney industry.

When a child looks for Disney among the thousands of movies or television series, he looks for the experience, the satisfaction of a well-told story. He looks for the characters and knows them by name. With some he identifies, with others he admires, with others he appreciates with great affection. You feel part of an adventure.

disney provides ways to participate more actively in such an adventure. While the screen marks a distance with the viewer, the characters in his stories take shape in the child's space, in three dimensions, like toys. When the boy could not enter the screen where the story takes place, the character left it to reach the boy's hands.

The child can call him by his name, pretend to speak for the character and repeat the phrases heard in the movie and recreate the whole story. You can even create new stories, where the character, his sayings, his attitudes and temperament remain intact. All this together with other children with whom he shares the experience of the film. This child so involved in the experience can even tell the story to the child who doesn't know it.


There is more…

Even though Disney already delivered all of this, it didn't sit still. In truth, there is no one like Disney when it comes to delivering much more than what was asked for, without any fear, with a generosity that invites gratitude.

Disney created a three-dimensional world in amusement parks, where children feel as if they now crossed the distance across the screen. Such is the gratitude of these children and their parents at this time, none of them feels shy when it comes to giving back for what they have received. The same toy, manufactured by Disney and found in any toy store at $5, a ball with Mickey Mouse drawn on it, at the amusement park is priced at $24.

And it sells… Disney demonstrates how there is no better sales tool than customer service. When the customer receives a more satisfying experience in an exchange, they stay with the person who gave it to them forever.


Disney as a model of customer service

This customer service model is applied by relatively few industries. However, those who do so are distinguished by a very large distance from those who seek to compete without making an effort in the aspect of customer service.

Of course, aspects such as the quality of the product or the service are important. But in the vast majority of cases, a gentleman does not pay and pays a gardener again, seeing if he has a trophy for being the best gardener in the world. But because he likes him, he likes how he leaves the garden and he can even talk with him about a varied morning news.

If apart from an excellent experience like no other, the customer is added a luxury product or service, all potential customers will line up to buy entrance tickets to this new magical world and the competition will disappear into oblivion without anyone even making a decision. comparison.



There are several successful examples of this business model, both in large and small companies.

Let's talk about house cleaning companies, where the first visit to set up the job includes a nice little gift (perhaps not costing more than $2 to make) of a bouquet of flowers to the lady of the house. With a series of details throughout the exchange, to the point of not feeling the workers as intruders in privacy, but as guests. With more gifts even months after you are done with payments and orders. (Birthday gifts, for Christmas, for the end of the year and other local festivities)

The client does not forget, on the contrary, he is grateful. In the experience they have not given you mere information, they have taken you into account as a person. They are not attacking you with an offer like car salesmen do, they are rolling a red carpet under your feet wherever you go.

That's why he picks up the phone again to call the person who brought him flowers and put a rug on his way. The client does not remember who on the street gave him a flyer with his own photo and what he sells. He already threw the steering wheel.

The vain person who gives the flyer with his photo will be able to charge 7 times less even and deliver a satisfactory quality product. On the other hand, the client remembers the experience of the service received. That's why he pays. For feeling very comfortable in the center of attention.

This is not about whether the customer is right, or whether or not they know what is best for them. It's about the customer being king.



Experiences like those of Ikea. A client only goes to the food court of his building to eat, with a beautiful view of the city of Miami, in a cozy atmosphere. He finishes eating and to leave he must go down the stairs and walk the 4 floors through a wide circuit where he can see all the improvements that he could add to his house.

From pillows, lamps to picture frames. In a pleasant space like your own home. Without feeling invaded, bored, tired or annoyed at any time. Everything he sees pleases him and entertains him.

Maybe he finds something, remembers needing it for so long, picks it up and carries it to the box on the first floor, and then walks out with a smile.


Corn Flakes Sugar Bites

Experiences like the one offered by a box of Zucaritas, where the talking tiger named Tony is first seen drawn, very strong thanks to eating the product, according to himself. Who gave you the authority and conviction on nutrition issues? Nobody. He is a likeable character placed in the middle of the table at breakfast time, when we are all half asleep and only he has something to say to lift our spirits.

Of course, only after sympathy do we read the pertinent information on the box: the nutritional table. It is not that, half asleep, we are delving into the subject, we just want to enter a little more into the world of the tiger and wake up.

Just like all this should be the customer experience on a website. The website must be pleasant, interesting, charismatic and offer a gateway to a world that everyone is talking about and wants to be a part of.


Content experience proposal: the case of the current ABC (anonymous) insurance website in Ecuador and its improvement

Mere raw information about a product or service does not attract the attention of any potential customer. Information is superabundant in our time and the doubt about whether such information is true is planted in everyone's mind. It is not enough to offer something and its description, it is necessary to trust who offers it.


Analysis and criticism

There are very few spaces on the ABC del Ecuador website where the client is mentioned in depth. For example, in the spaces where individual insurances are described, such as ABC Vida, there are only product details.

“The table has 4 legs and is made of plastic” is a description, but that description does not matter or distinguish it from the descriptions in offers from other companies. The shapes of the table and chair are already on everyone's mind, why would they care to read about it? What interests anyone is having a place to eat with their loved ones. seen that, after you will see the details.



It is different to tell (and know how to tell) in detail the real blow against loved ones by those who leave them nothing when they die. Not only that, but an avalanche of negative consequences due to many things. For example:

  • Hospital bills.
  • Burial costs.
  • Trips to locate close relatives.

This, among other things, without counting the consequences at the individual level in close beings. For example:

  • Trauma, depression and the need for psychiatric treatment. (Emotional dependence on the deceased)
  • Need to replace income for subsistence. (Financial dependence on the deceased)
  • Suicide, which causes another wave of consequences.

On top of that, legal consequences can also fall, according to the legislation of the country. For example:

  • Hereditary debts.
  • Inheritance or succession taxes.
  • Burial taxes.

And more.


Persuasive writing and sales are good tools

These issues are sensitive, but that is not why they should be kept quiet. That is a mistake and part of a profession is preparing to provide everything you need. There is a way to say everything and there is also the best way to say it.

That is why persuasive writing is a profession, taken for granted in underdeveloped countries, highly valued in the first world. Only in the United States persuasion is 30% of GDP.

There is also a prejudice about sales, when in reality whoever sells something good and necessary is doing good. It is your duty to give complete information. It is bad, on the other hand, not to warn those who need it of the evil to come if they do not take precautions.

So, do we see why the ABC Vida space lacks a lot of content work and that the information offered is incomplete?

This same diagnosis is applied in general to the different pages of the ABC website. It is urgent to improve the content experience.


It is not necessary to speak well of yourself when others speak well of you

When I alluded to Disney in the introduction to this proposal, it was to show how Disney does not need to explain who it is. You also don't need to say "Why Disney?" nor clarify that Disney is good. Disney first presents the proof, the experience, and the testimony of those who enjoy it.

It's not bad to introduce yourself. Giving explanations about oneself should not be the first resort, on the contrary. Telling stories about oneself should be the letter to invite a friendship and that is achieved after capturing sympathy.

The sun has never needed an introduction, has it? It just is and it just provides. That is read in the smile of gratitude of a child every morning. It is the child who asks and says “Who is that and why did he leave? It's good that he's back."


Proposal for experience in the technical structure: the case of the current website of ABC Seguros del Ecuador and its improvement

Google has decided that as of May 2021 it will incorporate the value of the structure of websites and their pages into its search metrics. Sites that do not comply will be removed from the search results.

How does Google measure this structure value? Through the calls Core Web Vitals. This measures what the user experience is when entering the website.

Simply put, it tells whether the website is slow or fast. Users perceive if a website is slow and immediately decide to leave it. In addition, they take a negative learning: they do not like to enter slow sites and they will not do it again.


Google improves its own customer service by moving poor quality websites

Google has decided to address this problem by improving the user experience when using the search engine and finding sites with better structural quality, where there is no displeasure.

This is a global Internet problem. All over the world there are cheap sleazy websites where all that matters is to present an eye-catching visual design. A look, not a quality experience.

In truth, it is not only a problem of appearance, but of building the sites from the appearance to accommodate the content in the appearance. Just like when a story is told, It is the content that leads us to the images, visual or mental. Not the other way around. This affects both the technical operation of the site and the emotional experience of the user.


Technical analysis of the structure

Those who already had websites with a quality structure stood out from the rest, just like any company that prioritizes quality customer service. Now Google with these measures joins the effort to improve the quality of the Internet experience.

There are several tools to know if a website complies with these measures. Among others, GTmetrix.com offers a fairly comprehensive tool. Its rating goes from A, as the best, to F, as the worst. The home page of the ABC Seguros del Ecuador website qualifies today with C.

As seen in this image of the GTmetrix diagnostic, the page takes 1.3 seconds to appear and 4.3 seconds to fully load. The maximum speed of loading a page should be 3 seconds.

in parameters Web Vitals, LCP refers to how long it takes to load the largest image and content. Your maximum delay should be 1.2 seconds.

TBT refers to the time it takes the page to be interactive and have a good rating. The maximum should be 150 ms.

CLS it refers to the change of formats (from basic to optimized font, from base color to final color, among others) and the rating is bad, it is very high. A rating of 0 can be obtained and the maximum rating should be 0.1.

On average, the website ranks as their home page. Full rebuild is recommended to fix all bugs, increase lifespan, and provide a positive customer experience.


Experience proposal and visual narrative

Disney's trademark symbol, seen at the beginning of all of its movies, is an enchanted castle. The physical castle exists in the center of one of their amusement parks. In the movies, however, you don't see a photograph of it but a white image with its shape, sitting on the name of the brand, both on a blue background.

Blue is the color that par excellence communicates warmth, tranquility, elegance and seriousness. It is not for nothing that prestigious companies use it.

White is associated with innocence, cleanliness, well-being and in combination with blue creates a great atmosphere.

On this environment we can place the color orange, full of vitality.

On the other hand, everyone knows how Disney makes use of cartoons and caricatures to reach all audiences. A character drawn with few lines, like a comic book superhero, reaches a wide audience very easily. Everyone knows who Spiderman is.

A portrait rich in solid details, on the other hand, requires a lot of effort to penetrate it and therefore requires time and space. As much as I appreciate it, not everyone knows who Rembrandt's doctors are.

Many highly visited websites today embrace the placement of caricature-like drawings of people in their daily lives, along with a strategy of warm and decisive colors. It is already a style.


The case of Express Writers

To give some examples of these websites, let's look at the case of Express Writers in the United States (expresswriters.com). It is a site focused on speaking to the customer to provide online content as a service in multiple ways. In addition, it shows how he does it with the same website, his blog, his email list...


site introduction

Whoever visits the website receives the message of the value to receive from the start: “We feed your online presence with great content.” In the subtitle it says who it is addressed to. Then there is a button to visit the store. In the background, a designed image communicates the growth of the return on investment.

Its header is fixed and accompanies the visitor throughout the page. Shows a menu with several options. In the center the store button. An invitation to work with them. A tour, a drop-down menu aimed at anyone who wants to know the story behind it, the details of how it works, the success stories and the FAQ.

In the lower left corner a 24/7 chatbot with a very friendly tone. Since the header is fixed, it accompanies the visitor throughout the page.


Services, our historywhat customers say

In the next section, communicate the services to the client.

Only at the end of this section are some small photos with a link to “our history”.

The next section opens with logos of companies that endorse or review the work of Express Writers. Then comes “what our customers say”. The most important part of the page, when endorsing the services. It is the testimony of satisfied and happy customers.

testimonio de clientes

In summary, the page follows this presentation: first it tells the customer about the value to receive. Then the way you would receive it. Then it just gives an option, in small size, to know "our" history. This for the visitor implies taking the action of clicking on the link, instead of continuing to scroll on the same page.


How we work, site blog subscription by mail, website footer and gifts

When the visitor continues on the same page, he finds more relevant information for him: "how we work" and the steps that the visitor must follow to purchase the products or services, with a call-to-action button.

cómo trabajamos

At the bottom of the page, the visitor receives a friendly invitation to subscribe to the site's blog (write down, for subscription to email).

suscribirse al blog por correo

This is extremely important for several reasons.

  1. Keep in touch. The visitor scrolled through the entire page because they were interested in what they saw. You would like to know more and perhaps you should go now. If you leave without taking any other action, you may forget about the existence of the website or business, even if you need your products or services. maintain presence in the mind of the visitor.
  2. Deepen the relationship between the website and the visitor. Perhaps the visitor was curious not only about the services or products, but about the history, as well as the scope of the relationship between the seller and the client. This is the space where you can learn more.
  3. Launch campaigns, update offers and make sales. Here it should be noted that serious email marketing No send mere informational announcement flyers. Just as the Express Writers website seeks to be entertaining, interactive and friendly, their emails tell real, personal and interesting stories on the subject of your business, without neglecting opportunities to sell services.

The footer of the web page is a site map, a summary of your offer and an invitation to explore. Discounting links to social networks.

pie de sitio web

As a side note, it's “free downloads” space delivers quality samples of its products and services, with a generosity that mimics Disney's.

It serves to be very clear about the quality of what is going to be received.

regalos descargables

Does all of this apply to an insurance company website?

In principle, it works great. For example, given all this, it is no longer necessary to break down, I invite you to see the website of TrustedChoice.com. It won an award for the best website of the year 2020, delivered by www.webawards.org.

inicio de sitio web trusted choice

What are the Webawards.org criteria to evaluate, to deliver an award?

  • Design.
  • Easy to use.
  • Copywriting. (Speak to the client directly through the page and make it the center of the business)
  • Interactivity.
  • Use of technology.
  • Innovation.
  • Content.

“Why do I need insurance for my store?” is the title of a full article, easy to find on Trustedchoice.com.

por que necesito un seguro para mi tienda


internal website

With individual and personalized access, each individual with a relationship with the company, be it customer or staff, accesses a private space with options and benefits.

Internal website for the client

The website will have a menu to access an internal site with a fixed format for the use of each client. This site is relatively small and invites the customer to feel like an active participant in the company. There the client will find several pages such as:

  • Profile: saves your personal data and allows you to update several of them (home address, telephone number, email, payment methods...)
  • Plans or insurance purchased: information about these, their benefits, their use options and the possibility of modifying them, acquiring others or stopping using them. You can help yourself make decisions with an automated quoter.
  • User friendly user manuals: (downloadable and video) and additional benefit information.
  • affiliate link: possibility of inviting others to buy insurance with the company through an affiliate link in exchange for an attractive benefit.
  • And more…


Internal website for the company and staff

Through the same customer access form, each employee of the company will be able to access an internal fixed-format website different from the customer's.

It will consist of several pages and menus such as:

  • Link to internal email.
  • Corporate licensed applications and a download link (eg Microsoft Office 365) and other technology services.
  • Financial services.
  • Departmental services.
  • Plans or insurance with a special price for company personnel.
  • General company documents.
  • Important news from the company to the staff.
  • Specific forms.
  • dynamic space for upload information required to the company server.
  • Small internal human resources website where staff can download their payroll and work certificate, update their resume, learn about their internal benefits, general requests (vacations, medical leave, etc.) and others.
  • Access to third-party corporate plans (cellular plan, etc.)
  • Company Online School: training, updating information, special courses, dynamic exams that approve or not the knowledge of the person who subscribes them and others.
  • Dynamic annual calendar.


In summary, for the needs of ABC, it is proposed:

General renovation of the website, with the criteria of Webawards.org, to focus it on the client according to the needs of the current public and the offer of ABC. Improve your technical performance.

  • Renewal and creation of website content. Persuasive writing in different spaces and forms, from presenting the benefits of a product against a problem, to global articles.
  • Creating email marketing campaigns and social media content.
  • Renewal of the image and visual narrative of the website, in order to gain sympathy, friendship, contact, subscription and customer purchases.
  • Technical restructuring of the website for its optimal functioning.
  • Unification of the call center website with the main website of Ecuador.

The working time is estimated at two months.


If this proposal interests you, I am waiting for your call or contact to discuss details and make decisions, form a team and get to work.


Write me to diego@dortunor.com or to me WhatsApp. If you like, you can also write me a direct message on the social network where you found me.

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