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Your website should be like a Ferrari: beautiful to look at and lightning fast. Maximize its power with the best content, give the visitor the best experience and automate all your work processes.

Box for your business

Local or global digital collection with your brand image.

Alexander Hellene says:

"All credit to your web design"

"People, if you need to make a site, hire Diego"

"So good at what he does and so easy to work with"

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Your website is the face of your business.
A bad impression destroys your best opportunity.
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Website design for businesses and services that promotes their value

Do you have a product or a message that solves a problem?

Does your online presence only last as long as a social media post lasts?

Are you reaching your target audience?

Are you writing a blog?

(According to the 2020 CMI study, 89% of B2B marketers use blog posts in their strategy.)

I provide engaging and productive websites, effective content strategies, and a team of industry-expert writers, all optimized specifically for your business or service.

How can I help you?

Professional Web Design

Web design services that will visually enhance your message or product so that the user has the best possible experience.

Strategic Content

Make your brand known, get more traffic and leads, and increase conversions with well-executed content marketing plans.

Ghost Writing

A book Published worldwide positions you as an authority on your domain: the best processes in your industry, professional learning or the promotion of new ideas.

New - Soon Demos

Studio AI

From ChatGPT queries and Auto-GPT installations, to special artwork and AI-generated background music on demand.

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Web design

Don't have a website in April 2023?

It is the last day of April of the year 2023. The Internet is growing and more and more people are searching for a topic, service or product that is very close to yours. And where are you? Your social network does not appear in the search results. In fact, there are more people on the *Internet* than on the networks.

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My name is Diego Ortuno Rosales.

I am a librarian, reader, author, web designer, and ghostwriter.

Storyteller, frustrated pianist and poet.

Like magicians, I play with images and letters.

I am fascinated by creation, animals and nature.

I am interested in the mystery of the place of the human being in the cosmos.

This mystery includes the dog. 🙂

Diego Ortuno Rosales

Webdesign+Writing for business

Foto de perfil, caballos de fondo
Foto de perfil, caballos de fondo

“People: if you need a site made, hire Diego. “So good at what he does and so easy to work with.”

-Alexander Hellene

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Destination page / Landing page

A landing page invites your reader to a reading and viewing that is at the same time an experience and a promise.

An appreciation experience, where you meet how will it be treated (meaning it will feel great) and by whom (A person committed to his clients and whose work speaks for itself).

A promise of very detailed benefits and, more importantly, who you will become thanks to the sum of all things.

That is to say, thanks to working with you, hiring your service or buying your product, this person will be someone:

  • Happy.
  • Done.
  • Relieved.
  • Better person.
  • With a higher status.
  • That helps others.
  • entertaining.
  • Part of something new or different.
  • Another person.

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special website

The standard package reconfigured on a special theme + 1 special section, such as:


  • Online store.
  • Landing page. (Landing page)
  • Internal website with membership.
  • Redesigned pages with theme builder (eg: archive or blog posts).
  • Content search engine with defined filters.
  • additional configuration of widget all types.
  • Design of interactive forms (ex: calculator for approximate quotes)
  • Downloadable content library. 
  • Video library.
  • Podcast page.
  • Forum page. 
  • Online school.
  • And more…

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Standard website for your personal brand or business



  1. WordPress Settings
  2. WordPress template installation
  3. Visual branding for the website
  4. Up to 7 stock photos
  5. additional security
  6. Basic Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  7. Design and sections of the website:
  • Home
  • About us.
  • Services.
  • Blog and/or news.
  • Contact.

additional details

  1. The website will be optimized to 100% for mobile devices (tablet and smartphone/cell phone).
  2. The website will be optimized according to Google's Core Web Vitals parameters, with a GTmetrix rating of A on its server in Canada.


  • Persuasive and personalized content writing to reach your audience.
  • Includes basic technical assistance insurance for one year.

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